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Naštartuj kariéru (Career Kickstarter)

Typ: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Téma: Naštartuj kariéru

Miesto: Velké Pavlovice, Česká republika

Dátum: 8. - 17. jún 2018

Krajiny: Česká republika, Rumunsko, Litva, Slovensko, Francúzsko

Účastníci: 5 účastníkov and 1 skupinový líder na krajinu

Pracovný jazyk: Anglický

The story is about the Erasmus+ training course “Career Kickstarter” which took place in Velke Pavlovice, Czech Republic between 8-17 June 2018 and gathered together youth workers from eight countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, France, Poland, Hungary and Macedonia to empower young people to take full capacity of the employment opportunities in their countries.

I need to tell you a little secret, some European young people decided to make me the primary target of their pillow fight and there is a reason for this. But first, I will not waste the pleasure of discovering this story and every story has a beginning.

On the 13th of March 2018, I have received a very special email, something I was not really expecting but which filled me with great excitement. Few weeks ago, I applied for multiple training courses under a program named Erasmus+ and one organization decided that I was suitable enough for one of their project. As a youth worker looking to acquire competences to help my local community to fight unemployment, my profile had attracted the attention of my fellows and so I was invited to join an 8 days training named Career Kickstarter. The village of Velke Pavlovice was waiting for me as I was taking a multiple connection train from Prague. Arrived in the small vineyard town, I was surprised by the modernity of the project location. Described as a Renaissance fortress, I was expecting an old building with a cracking wood floor, but actually everything had been renovated very recently. As our collective adventure was slowly starting and other participants were joining one group at a time, I had a very strong feeling that this experience would change my perception of things forever.

After 8 fantastic days and nights, I’m fully persuaded that my stay in Czech Republic has benefited my individual perspectives. I have learnt much more than skills and knowledge through the different workshops, simulations, presentations and study visit. My social abilities have grown up beyond imagination, through intensive interactions with the others, I find it more pleasant to speak in public, exchange and expose my opinions. I feel more serene and confident as a team worker and this experience has taken me away of the comfort zone that I was living in for so long.

We learned the different youth employment situations in all of the participating countries and problems related to them, learned how to evaluate ourselves and out own competences, prepare for the job interview, write a professional CV, find a proper job sphere, operate business, write a business plan, entrepreneurship, improvised and planned public speaking, we even had an European Parliament simulation of getting funds for our business ideas. Not to mentioned learned customs, dances, songs, of other cultures as well as tasted the culture degustating the amazing food brought from all the countries. We even had a chance to visit the beautiful and historically rich city Brno and inhale the local culture there finding out the real situation of the youth employment in the local region.

You must be thrilled to know about my little secret that I was mentioning at the beginning of this article. Let me tell you something, Erasmus+ projects are going to be the best time of your life!

22. februára 2019

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